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Blower door testing near you by Project Probono Lehigh Valley's premier tester

Blower Door Guided Air Sealing

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From utilizing fog imaging to infrared technology we can guarantee any desired result.

Blower door guided air sealing in a Lehigh Valley 18017

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And efficiency with each comprehensive assessment. Get comfy, after reducing all heating and cooling bills. 

Energy efficiency home audits by Project Probono

Home Performance Assessments

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UGI ©Save Smart Program (Incentified-you save $250)


*Session visit/detailed report/includes rebate offers


Energy Audit and Energy Coaching


*Session visit/detailed report/usage analysis

Builder / Homeowner

Comprehensive Energy Audit with Blower Door


*Session visit/detailed report/follow up debriefing


Building Science Services

Site Specific

*Project Specific

Program Overview

Save Energy

Improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort through the UGI Save Smart Home Energy Upgrades program. We can help you take your savings and in-home comfort to the next level. There’s much more to improving the energy efficiency of your home than just high-performing HVAC and water heating equipment. A Home Energy Evaluation can help to identify areas to improve the energy performance of your home. You’ll receive gas-saving recommendations that are simple and affordable like air sealing and insulation.

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