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Experience our unparalleled home energy assessment and audit. Project Probono llc is the Lehigh Valley's foremost expert in this field. We have developed the most rigorous testing techniques and standard protocols that have become industry standardized and provide real solutions. Choose with confidence, choose experience.

Our history and mission

Project Probono llc has always been a leading provider of out of the box comfort solutions based in Bethlehem, PA. With a commitment to occupancy comfort, building science and customer satisfaction, we continue to offer a wide range of innovative solutions and home performance testing services for our community. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Energy Auditing And Home Assessments

Lehigh Valley Pa Energy assistance and audits by Project probono

Energy Audit & Home Assessment

This simple but effective audit assesses the energy efficiency of your building, equipment and conditioned envelope. Inspections of your attic(s) and basement to recommend improvements for cost savings and comfort. This evaluation is for homeowners aiming to discover and learn about there home inefficiencies to reduce energy costs.

*You may be eligible for the UGI Save Smart  Program Subsidy

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Comprehensive blower door testing in the Lehigh Valley with Project probono

Comprehensive Home Assessment

Our comprehensive home assessment, including blower door testing and zonal pressure diagnostic is used to ensure envelope efficiency. Blower door testing assesses air tightness, identifying potential leaks that impact energy consumption. This evaluation is for homeowners aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce energy costs.

*You may be eligible for a reduced cost through the Project Probono "Affortable Comfort Inititive"

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PA EICC code compliance with blower door testing in Lehigh Valley

Advanced Home Performance Testing

The advanced home performance assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your home integrating specialized testing equipment and techniques with a blower door and infrared tech. By leveraging advanced tools and methodologies, it provides homeowners and the STATE with compliance of PA 2015 or 2018 EICC code.

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