Weatherization Works

Helping families like yours since 1997 / Just tap the button to choose your provider and check in so I can help assist your family too!

Raised up in Weatherization 

If you or your family have ever participated and benefited from PPL, UGI, STATE, COUNTY, or GPU Weatherization programs since the mid 90s chances are our paths have crossed.

Your participation and engagement in these programs contribute to the well-being of our community, and we share this common experience.

Looking forward to continuing the journey together!


Michael John Ohm


Wonder what to expect during my visit? 

We will discover your homes build challenges and how you may fit in to the equation.

" Access to that wisdom brings clarity.


Your home and usage history may be different from others but what is NOT is my approach and thoughtfulness.

Some of my responsibilities to you will be

• Listening To Understand With Kindness

• Providing Creative Solutions

• Empowering You And Your Family With "How to's and DIY's"

Energy Education / Tips
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Everything You Should Know About My Visit

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*Not all assessments are the same, some actions performed may not be required 

Energy usage and lessons learned

This is not the "tips and tricks" cookie cutter stuff. This is a brief list of useful Q&A recommendations that continually challenge some families and utility ratepayers.


Got a juicy question

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