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Energy education fills the gap for savings

Utility Incentivized Energy Audits

Very simple yet effective. This audit Includes inspections of heating equipment, attic, basement and utility bills to develop an action plan with prioritized recommendations. It includes energy education to fill in the gaps during installations, providing you even more savings!

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Blower Door Testing

Blower Door Testing

Used To

Pinpoint and Measure air pressure differences of

  • Outside air entering your home
  • Inside air leaking from your home (exfiltration)
  • Pressure differences calculate the locations and sizes of all leaks or drafts
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Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment

A comprehensive energy audit with wide array of specialized testing, detailed reporting and other eco-friendly solutions to reduce energy use, increase comfort and healthy indoor air quality. Mandatory follow up virtual consultation/debriefing.

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To lower your utility bills with a thorough energy audit

Saving energy with Project Probono