Energy Auditing

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all...

Peter Drucker

Insightful Energy Audit

Elevate your home into an energy-efficient haven with our Insightful Energy Audit! Conducted by a seasoned professional, this accessible assessment identifies areas for improvement without complex tests. Benefit from a visual inspection's wealth of experience, optimizing home efficiency for energy-conscious living. We provide tailored suggestions for everything which include evaluating insulation levels and ensuring your home stays comfortable year-round. Discover easy ways to enhance efficiency and receive energy education to make your daily routines more energy-conscious. Our Insightful Energy Audit offers practical solutions, putting you on the path to savings and a greener home. Explore easy DIY weatherization measures to seal drafts, insulate windows, and save energy. Contact us today to kickstart your journey to a more efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable living space! 🌐💡🏡

Energy Audit

Comprehensive Energy Audit

Embark on a transformative journey with our home energy assessment including advanced blower door testing and infrared imaging! Utilizing a blower door to pinpoint hidden air leaks and infrared imaging to reveal temperature variations, this assessment uncovers inefficiencies in insulation, windows, and all envolope components for a precise analysis of your home's energy performance. Identifying problem areas, it provides targeted solutions to enhance efficiency and lower utility bills. Knowledge is power, and with detailed reporting, you'll gain valuable insights into your home's energy dynamics. Invest in our Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment today to enjoy a more comfortable, energy-efficient living space while reaping the benefits of long-term savings. 🌐💡🏡 

Advanced Energy Assessment

Discover a smarter, more efficient home with our most comprehensive energy assessment! Uncover hidden savings and boost comfort while reducing utility bills. We'll meticulously evaluate your home, identifying energy leaks and recommended cost-effective improvements specific to your home. From sealing air leaks to appliance upgrades, our solutions enhance sustainability and increase property value. Take control of your home's energy future. Invest wisely, to save big! Schedule your assessment now and transform your house into the efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective home you deserve! 🏡💡🌐

Probono Home Infrared testing

Home Performance Plus Assessments

Improved comfort and energy savings in the Lehigh Valley with Project Probono llc

Energy Audit


* UGI Save Smart incentives may apply

Highest Priority Recommendations to improve comfort and save energy/money

Your homes Thermal and Pressure deficiencies identified.

Heating and Cooling System Evaluation and Recommendations

* Utility Incentivized

Improve comfort and energy savings with assessments in the Lehigh Valley by Project Probono llc

Comprehensive Energy Audit


* Follow-up presentation meeting

Everything Included In The "Energy Audit" (Plus)

Infrared Scanning and Thermography

Blower Door Testing

Pressure Panning of HVAC

Education and Recommendations

Follow-up Consultation via Phone Or Virtual

Lehigh Valley building professional, comply with PA 2018 EICC

Advanced Home Energy Audit


*Exclusive access along the way

*RESCheck compliance certification **Due to varying complexities contact us for details

Everything Included In The "Comprehensive Energy Audit" (Plus)

Advanced Blower Door Testing

Coaching/Speciality-Tradesmen/ Installations

Guaranteed Code Compliance (Passing Score)

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